No More Control – Home Schooling

Growing in popularity here in Canada and in many parts of the world, home schooling is becoming a trend with parents whom have legitimate concerns that reflect negatively on the public education system. Many reasons have been given as a rational decision to withdraw children from public schools, but there are a few that seem to dominate the desire for a better all round education for our children coupled with a more direct approach to such things as morality, self-confidence and the development of natural curiosity and creativity.

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Negative views of the education system is the number one reason parents today are forgoing the two income family model for an opportunity to teach their own children. They would rather drop their standard of living and forgo a few extras in life to prioritize the education of their children. Latch-key kids should not even exist, as even in the eyes of the law children below a certain age should not be left alone yet this law seems not to matter as thousands of kids return home from school without a parent or guardian to greet them. This has also led to problems relating to the direct relationship between parents and their children as “They are never there”. Children seek advise from other children rather than their parents. Educating your own children builds a bond of respect as well as a family bond and allows parents to share their standards of morality and social responsibility.

Religious reasons are next on the list asa bottom line the education system teaches nothing on basic morality or religious education and freedom. Those that chose to have faith are at a standoff with education systems as they offer nothing beyond the basics of literacy and other academic pursuits. Math and language are important yes, but without the presumption of morality and ethics in the schools themselves and a lack of an open education system (open to creativity and the pursuit of truth) then the modern school has failed for these parents.

Child attitude, behavior and negative peer pressure ranks next on the list as children face bullying and a menagerie of other negative social behaviors such as smoking, drinking, drugs and sexual indulgence. Children have a lifetime to experience such basic needs and should be able to enjoy childhood without the influence of outside negative peer pressure that can in effect affect their entire life. Yes, children need to learn from their mistakes, but offering them the opportunity to learn in a more positive environment where such behaviors are not present enhances the chances of building a good education, self-esteem, a sense of morality and good work ethic.

Special needs are important and many children today have them. The norm in schools today however, seems to be turning their backs on special needs. Give the child some Ritalin and throw them into the mix. These children will now be at a disadvantage as others pass them by. Thus making the Special Needs child lose self-esteem and self-worth and treated negatively by other students. The modern education system seems not to like or be willing to fully accommodate the needs of children that do not meet the criteria of the “Norm”.

Today education is a planned system of control. It teaches what a greedy society wants not what the child is capable of learning. Many students have problems with academic learning yet become artisans with their hands. Learning disabilities are just that… a disability to learn… it does not imply stupidity or mental dysfunction. We are all different at the genetic level and thus need a variety of learning environments to facilitate educational benefits. The educational system also fails in areas of morality and social responsibility. It teaches birth control, but fails to accentuate the societal impacts of such behavior.

Home schooling offers a variety of solutions that the education system does not. Home schooling is a wave of the future and should be the norm especially with today’s internet technology. Bring your family home and take the time to teach your children and give them the opportunity for a much better life.

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