What is Corporate Housing

What is Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is a term used to describe short term housing arrangements which is required by corporate guests and travelers. The apartments are normally rented out with complete furnishings for a temporary period of time. Corporate housing is, in fact, a type of temporary housing which, in general is used to denote a wider range of clientele.

What are the advantages of corporate housing? Comparing this set up with hotels, furnished housing is definitely more comfortable and convenient. This is especially true if the company finds an executive suite wherein to lodge their business traveler. Staying in a furnished house with all the required facilities and amenities definitely makes a business trip easier and less stressful.

Aside from the corporate traveler, furnished housing is ideal for those who are relocating and are in need of in-between accommodations. Families who are in the middle of house renovations would also find temporary housing convenient. Visiting professors, divorcees in need of temporary accommodations – in fact, most anyone who is in need of temporary accommodations would find utmost convenience in furnished housing arrangements.

What has just been described is actually just one end of the spectrum – the users of temporary housing. On the other end of that spectrum, we have those who rent out their property as corporate or temporary housing facilities.

If you are an owner of a furnished apartment or executive suite, why would you want to rent out your property for corporate housing or temporary housing purposes? Assuming that you have your own house and that you are not making use of your furnished apartment or executive suite on a regular basis, this piece of property is basically sitting there, useless. On the other hand, if you rent it out for corporate or temporary housing purposes, you can have your furnished apartment earn money for you without you really doing anything extra. So which scenario would you prefer?

Admittedly, furnished apartment or executive suites owners may have apprehensions regarding the safety and upkeep of their property when it is rented out. However, these fears often prove to be unfounded, especially if you have the right brokers to facilitate your deals. Of course, stipulations are also noted down in the contract, to cover you in case something goes awry.

There are many entities which exist to help broker deals between corporate housing clients and furnished apartment owners. Corporate Housing by Owner is one such group. They have one of the most extensive databases of furnished apartments for rent as corporate housing or temporary housing in North America. They feature direct rental from furnished apartment owners and as such, makes the deals more cost effective for both corporate client and property owner. Corporate Housing by Owner deals with both parties – they actually serve as a liaison between clients in need of corporate housing and furnished apartment owners, without having to go through an extensive series of middle men.

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