Essential Living Room Decorating Tips to Follow

Between Entertainment and Netflix you will definitely spend a lot of time in your living room, and it is easily the most important room in your home when it comes to decorating. A living room is often the first room to decorate and the first room to show new guests during a tour. A beautifully decorated living room attracts you and forces you to stay. But because of the high stakes, making those great design options can be a stressful proposition.

Although there are some pretty obvious foundations (a living room should have chairs, entertainment and providing comfort), several key steps can help you achieve a real living space of dream. Whether you are starting from scratch or you are ready for a living room makeover, these essential decorating tips will guide you as you design and create a living room that is beautiful and functional.

Select the right furniture

If you are starting from scratch or are updating a space that you have lived in for years, it is important to take stock of the furniture you own and be brutally honest about whether it works for your space. Redecorating your living room is a great opportunity to find out what is important to you. For example, if a sectional magnificent such as Emily Henderson is a must-have, the key is to find a sectional that is a natural fit for the room (and yes, even small rooms can rock sectional).

If you’ve been clinging to a decades couch or a recliner that’s not working anymore, it’s time to let go and start over. The right furniture, in size and style, can make or break a living room.

Designate a focal point

The focal point of your bedroom is where people’s eyes will fall when they first come into your room. If you don’t have a natural focal point like a large chimney or mantle, create one with a large mirror, a piano or an extra large artwork, as seen in this impressive studio room McGee.

Once you have decided on your focal point, decorate the room around it for a cohesive feeling. Just be sure to pay attention to the vibration of your focal point is giving. If you have a beautiful fireplace, for example, a quick makeover can change the full aspect of your living space and add a fresh and updated feel.

Choose the color palette

Whether you are in monochromatic or you want to tie in some complementary colors, your color scheme is a key feature to cultivate a seamless aesthetic of the living room. This awesome hall by Nest_twenty_eight starts with a black and white base and adds a touch of yellow mustard and neutral birch to keep the look harmonious. Having a color palette in mind as you join each part of your living room is an easy way to keep your look clean and useful.

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