Tips to Renew the Decor with Wallpaper

Versatile, the wallpapers are practical options to renovate the home decor in no time. Check out 7 tips for using them in various environments.

  1. It is possible to apply the paper in all the walls of a room, creating uniformity, or in only one, giving emphasis to a specific area of the environment. If you choose to apply the paper on all surfaces, it is best to choose more discrete patterns and soft colors, not to load the look.
  2. Wallpapers are not suitable for outdoor or wet areas: gardens, kitchens, and bathrooms have humidity conditions that can damage the product. The ideal is to apply in bedrooms, offices, living rooms and dining. Even toilets can receive the material.
  3. In dorms, prefer to cover the wall behind the bed. There, the wallpaper helps to create a frame for the headboard. Also, since it is not in the field of vision of those who are lying down, the chances of getting sick from the picture are lower.
  4. When composing environments, balance is essential: If you already have well-colored furniture and accessories, look for a more neutral wall covering that does not conflict with the color palette present.
  5. A good print takes personality to the environment and can help create different climates. The floral, for example, brings delicacy and romanticism; the geometric can create daring and modern environments, and polka dots are a guarantee of fun and relaxation.
  6. Besides the prints, the textures are another positive point of this material – there are models with reliefs that refer to the touch of the fabric, the straw, the wood and even the metal. And the best, all at prices far more affordable than the original materials.
  7. The application of the wallpaper is simple and fast – it does not cause splashes and odors, which can come with the painting, for example. Anyone who has a bit of manual skill and disposition can apply the paper at home without the help of professionals.

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