How to Grow Out Your Hair Color

We are the first to admit that we love a good hair color change, if we are after that in the trend of gold tone roses or just running some subtle hints of sunshine everywhere, nothing tells me newer than a new make. Sometimes, however, it is better to leave the bottle and give your hair a breath, and this step can always be difficult. If you want a change in color or just feel like your locks have had enough, we line up our best tips on how to grow your hair dye out that much easier.


When it’s time to stop

The benefits of leaving the dye are virtually infinite, because no matter if you are whitening or coloring your hair, your back will suffer. Chemicals in hair dyes will dry your hair out and make it crisp and prone to rupture-not quite the shiny locks we are all after.

While regular visits to the salon and repair masks will help block moisture over time the only way to really solve your hair care problems will be to go au naturale. So if you’re discovering that no matter how many masks you try and inches you trim that your hair still seems mediocre, it’s time to go back to your natural tone.

Alternatively, you may just be fantasizing about a change, sometimes it’s good to see what the color of your hair really is all that dye. Also, you will save a lot of time and money, it’s a really win-win!

The good news is that the colorists are loving that natural look at the moment, it’s about lives in locks. So while you may be digging the pastel shades more worthy of Pinter, you will be even more in the trend with your new brand. And don’t worry, you can always play with clip-on hair extensions to add in color if you are looking for a change but don’t want long term commitment or damage.


Get planning

The biggest mistake you can make when reversing your natural hair color is to choose a shade that you think looks like your natural color used and just slap it. If you want to gracefully abandon the dye, it will be a fairly long process that takes a reasonable amount of planning. Do not immerse yourself in a world of coloring, instead of taking baby steps and listening to the experts.

Work with a colorist to find out the best process, and make sure you let them know your whole hair story so they can know exactly what your hair has been through. That spontaneous moment when you bleached all your hair five years ago really matters. With a colorist, you can plan the route, and while you can take some salon visits, it will be worth that extra time to ensure minimal damage to your hair and superior notch results.


Abandonment of Highlights

The highlights are a great way to inject dimension and glow to your hair color, however, it can be all too easy to go a step too far. If you suddenly feel that your highlights are taking over your entire style, then it’s definitely time to re-evaluate.

If you went to baby lights subtle or opted for balayage, you don’t have to worry too much about the growth of these, but if your highlights go straight to the scalp, then it will take a little more effort to keep things looking at the point.

The objective of the game is to create perfectly grown locks, you can even say that you are going to look at Ombre when you are a few months down the line. Your colorist should use lowlights to space your highlights, leaving your natural color blend more easily on the hair on for a multi-tonal look. This will darken all hair color and reduce the effects of reflexes.

A cluster or toner can also be used in the roots to create an average color between your natural locks and your highlights. This will soften the roughness between the roots and enhance and ease your natural hair color back into the equation.

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