Tips on How to Clean Fedora Hat

The Fedora Hat is an accessory worn by men and women of all ages all over the world. Also known as Borsalino Hat, this hat has a unique shape due to a depression in its central area that makes it easily recognized among the most distinguished social circles.

Fedora hat manufacturing uses felt as its main material because it contains a number of properties that make it more comfortable to use, as well as help, protect the user from the weather, whether on hot, rainy days or just to complement one style. This hat is one of the most popular of the segment.

10 Tips on How to Clean Fedora Hat

  1. Check the Hat Label – Before you start cleaning your Fedora hat, it is recommended to view the wash instructions on your label to determine which methods are harmful to the fabric.
  2. Do not Put the Hat on the Washing Machine – Many people who do not have knowledge of how to clean Fedora hat use common methods for their hygiene, such as the use of the washing machine, however, this alternative can cause the appearance of balls of hair as well as down.
  3. Removing Dirt Before Cleaning – Another very common mistake is attempting to wash or clean the hat without first removing any residue and materials from the hat, which can cause the expansion of these materials and permanently stain the fabric.
  4. Be Careful – When exposed to chemical compounds such as cleaning products the felt may become more susceptible to blemishes and damages, so it is necessary to carry out the process cautiously.
  5. Hash the Hat Completely After Washing – If you choose methods that use water in the cleaning, it is vital that it is completely dry after the completion of this process, as the accumulation of water in the fabric can cause bad smell.
  6. Perform Full Wash with Water at Ambient Temperature – Using water in abundance is one of the most common procedures of how to clean a fedora without damaging it, being able to remove most of the stains simply by scrubbing the fabric.
  7. Don’t use Vinegar For Stain Removal – Many people believe that using vinegar on stained fabrics can solve the problem, however, this material can cause severe damage to the fabric, causing it to fade or wear out quickly.
  8. Dry Cleaning – Many owners of this hat model consider the use of dry cleaning products an excellent alternative to stain removal as they result in less risk to the durability of the material.
  9. Do not use Hair Dryers in Hat Drying – The process of drying the part should occur naturally, leaving it in a dry and ventilated place as the high temperatures of the dryers will damage the part.
  10. Take the Hat to a Professional – Definitely, the best method of how to clean fedora hat is through the services of a specialized establishment, because only this place will have all the materials and equipment to carry out a complete cleaning in the piece.

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